Over 50 years have passed since the Norwegian company HTS BeSafe de­veloped their first child car seat, and the company has been a pioneer in developing child car seatsever since. BeSafe’s vision is that no children are injured in car accidents.

As pioneers in rear facing child safety, BeSafe designed the first rear facing car seat over 25 years ago. As rear facing seats are five times safer than forward facing seats*, BeSafe has been working for many years on promoting rear facing seats in more than 50 countries world­wide. The new Europan car seat regulation UN r129, that requires children to remain rear facing up to 15 months, endorses this approach. BeSafe recommends that children remain rear facing for as long as possible, and preferably until the age of four years.

BeSafe is owned by the HTS Group, a family-owned company established in 1919 in Norway. Safety, tradition and development are key factors for BeSafe. This combination of experience and innovation has played a significant role in the development of BeSafe, and has also led BeSafe to win numerous awards and crash tests. Awards and tests aside, the most important thing for BeSafe is what happens in real life. The right car safety solution for children saves lives.

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